Jungle Gym Monkey Bars
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  • S&S® Worldwide - Play Parachute Covers
  • DIY 2x4 domes - 2x4 connectors for Do-It-Yourself Dome frame structures ideal for greenhouses
  • PlayDomes.com - PVC Jungle Dome Climbers with color struct and connector selection
  • Original PVC dome Climber by Hammacher Schlemmer
  • Cool math at Coolmath.com
  • Metal Dome Climbers by Pacific Domes

  • Random Child Hero Story
    "The richest boy I have ever known was a 7 yrs old in Vietnam in 1973. The American medical mission announced that a girl was injured and in need of blood transfusion. No one would donate their blood from among the youngsters in the camp and the American workers had no matching blood type among them. Finally a 7 yrs old boy came forward. Despite the tender age there was no choice and time was running out for the girl so the mission went ahead. After the procedure he laid so sad in the table side by side with the table where the girl was receiving his blood. Minutes thereafter he asked the American Nurse when is he going to die. It appears that the translation was wrong and the announcer was saying 'Who will volunteer to give his life to the dying girl'."
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